LIFETIME Donor Recognition Wall

Our architectural and interior design team will be assigned the task of designing the most attractive and most compelling Donor Recognition Wall as a tribute to the generosity of all who have or will contribute to the purchase and remodeling of the Romanian Heritage Center.

This is a lifetime part of the center, regardless of its location. If in the future the Romanian Heritage Center will require a larger space and it will need to relocate, this recognition wall will also be moved and re-installed at whatever location will be chosen in the future, for the LIFETIME OF THE ORGANIZATION.

Here are two samples of such donor recognition walls of other institutions.


Among the NEW PROJECTS of the Romanian Heritage Center launched upon the opening of the new building, we will be publishing a high quality printed magazine quarterly.

The ROMANIAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE will feature articles pertaining to the history of Romania and Romanians, research on the immigration of Romanians in United States, history of Romanian churches, clubs, and organizations in the United States, stories of courage about the escape from communist Romania of many people that still live among us, and stories of successful Romanian-Americans that have contributed to the betterment of our communities throughout United States.

ONLINE ARCHIVE & PRINTED BOOK – Besides publishing these stories in the high quality printed magazine, we will also gather them in our online archive, which will later be facilitating the publishing of a book and its official festive release at the celebration gala of the one year anniversary of our Grand Opening!

The proposed title of the book is ROMANIAN HERITAGE IN CHICAGO – The story of the first ever independent Romanian Heritage Center in United States. This will be the first volume in a series of books that will be featuring stories, biographies, and reports about people, organizations, and events that took place in this very dynamic community.

This book will honor those who donated towards this project, tell their stories, and it will reflect the stages of purchasing, renovation, and the memorable festive Grand Opening.


We anticipate that the new building will be extremely attractive and the people in our community will want to participate in our programs, activities, and events. Priority will be given to those who contributed to the purchase and remodeling of the building, in recognition for their trust and vote of confidence, for their sacrifice and love for the entire community.