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A GATEWAY FOR ALL to Romanian culture, heritage, history, language and traditions in the Chicago area.

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Our first Romanian Library & Romanian Village Exhibit opened to public in fall of 2002, on the Romanian-American Network’s seventh anniversary celebration.

In July of 2020, during the Covid-19 restrictions and shut-downs, as we quietly and yet joyfully celebrated 25 years of publishing, outreaching, and networking activity in our community through the Romanian-American Network, we teamed up with trusted supporters and decided to combine our experience and the valuable relationships we’ve built to a higher goal and even greater achievements.

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Together, with the support of our friends and several business leaders from our community, WE AIM AND PLEDGE TO MAKE THE ROMANIAN HERITAGE CENTER A TRUSTED NAME, a leading organizer and welcoming host for cultural, educational, religious, and social events in the Romanian community of Chicago area, preserving and promoting the Romanian heritage with its rich culture, history, and traditions.

To accomplish our objectives we have always been and will continue to surround ourselves with the finest, most honorable, and most committed professionals – people whom everyone can regard not only as trusted friends, leaders and educators, but as caring neighbors who share a common vision to make a true difference in the American society.

In summer of 1995, over 28 years ago, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building a publishing, communication, and networking organization in our community, primarily promoting the Norwood Park Christian School of Chicago, a Romanian Christian private school known today as Logos Christian Academy in Niles.

Simona and I were a very active part of this private school from its very beginning and assisted its founders in their launching efforts. Simona also taught there for 23 years,

while I assisted the school with marketing and communication. Her former students are now accomplished young professionals with degrees that make us proud. Many of them are ready and willing to give back and serve the community in one capacity or another.

There are also many professionals in our community who wish to make themselves available and help our community grow by sharing their knowledge and experience.

WE INVITE YOU ALL to take a close look at this historical project and CONSIDER JOINING US. WITH YOUR HELP we can make this dream a reality!

We thank you for your attention and we look forward to partnering with you in this amazing endeavor. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Steven & Simona Bonica

Founders of Romanian Heritage Center NFP

Why now, what for, whom for, and how?


The Romanian Heritage Center NFP is a faith based cultural and educational religious organization established to facilitate in the Romanian-American community social-cultural programs which PROMOTE and NURTURE FELLOWSHIPS and the betterment of relationships among its members and participants, while seeking to:

PRESERVE AND PROMOTE UNITY among all Americans of Romanian heritage

Regardless of what territory or geographical area they are from, including but not limited to current countries of: Romania and Republic of Moldova, surrounding areas in today’s Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and others; also regardless of their claimed nationality.

Preserve, encourage, and promote POSITIVE CULTURAL INVOLVEMENT

As well as fellowship, and relationship building within the Romanian-American community of all Christian denominations through awareness and education on the Romanian heritage, culture, traditions, and the common elements of the Christian faith transcending denominational and jurisdictional lines, thus encouraging all Romanian-Americans to collaborate and make known their contribution to the United States, our adoptive country.

Establish and maintain a centralized place

For the gathering, collecting, and preservation of publications, literature, documents, records, memorabilia and traditional folklore artwork relating to the Romanian-American cultural, religious, and social life, the Romanian language, literature, history, heritage, and the impact of Romanian-Americans in the American society;


OF THE ROMANIAN HERITAGE, language, history, religion, culture, folklore art, music, and traditions.

Publish, print, distribute, and circulate books

And pamphlets, periodicals, papers, and magazines in connection with the activities of the Romanian Heritage Center and other Romanian and Moldovan organizations in the United States.

Publish, print, and distribute the ROMANIAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE

A quarterly publication in English for our second generation as well as for our friends, neighbors, and business associates – thus furthering the understanding and appreciation for our heritage and rich culture.

Facilitate, plan, implement, organize, and/or assist OTHER SIMILAR ORGANIZATIONS

AND FELLOWSHIP GROUPS in hosting cultural and commemorative events, exhibitions, community meetings, seminars, and conferences which will advance the understanding and appreciation of the rich Romanian culture and heritage in the United States.


Real estate property or other establishments for the purposes aforesaid.

Perform and support all functions in furtherance of its legitimate interests


Profits & Finances

It is specifically hereby provided that NEITHER PECUNIARY GAIN NOR PROFIT for the Romanian Heritage Center’s members and associates is a purpose of this Heritage Center, except that the Romanian Heritage Center shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth herein.

Who we are and why we can be trusted!

Our Background

The Romanian Heritage Center NFP was incorporated on July 1st 2020 as a new independent faith-based cultural and educational religious organization that is a spin-off of Romanian-American Network Inc. (Ro-Am.Net), benefiting and building on its achievements, recognition, and reputation.

The Romanian-American Network was established in summer of 1995, as an ethnic publishing house specialized in community outreach, advertising, marketing, mass communication and networking.

Projects Ro-Am.Net has created:

Through its almost 29 years of service, Ro-Am.Net became widely known and appreciated across the United States and abroad for creating valuable projects like:

  • Center Focus Magazine commemorative yearbooks (1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998)
  • Romanian-American Yellow Pages (1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2007)
  • Romanian Impact Magazine (monthly from Jan. 2001 through Dec. 2008)
  • Romanian Tribune Newspaper (since Jan. 2002 – Now in its 22nd year!)
  • Romanian Library & Research Center (since Dec. 2002)
  • Directory of Ethnic and Multicultural Publishers, Distributors and Resource Organizations (2003) – for the American Library Association’s Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT).
  • Romanian Heritage Festival (2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013)
  • Coalition for Family, Faith and Life of Romanians in America (since Jan. 2016)
  • Romanian Business Referral Network (since 2016)
  • ”BISERICI.US” Network – Romanian Churches & Religious Organizations (2016)
  • BISERICI.US Encyclopedic Almanac of all Romanian Churches and Christian organizations from U.S.A. – printed and online (2023)

Ro-Am.Net organized and hosted numerous cultural and community outreach events, networking meetings, educational and informative seminars.

  • American Library Association – New York, NY
  • “Cenaclul RETRO” Cultural Organization – Chicago area
  • CREDO TV Romanian International Media Ministries – Chicago, IL
  • Honorary Consulate of Republic of Moldova – Hickory, NC
  • Little Samaritan Radio – Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • Logos Christian Academy – Niles, IL
  • Logos School of Music – Niles, IL
  • ProTV Romanian International Television – Bucharest, Romania
  • Romanian Book Club – Niles, IL
  • RoAct Theatre Co. – Niles, IL
  • RTN Chicago Romanian Christian Television – Chicago, IL
  • TVRi Romanian International Television – Bucharest, Romania

AS WELL AS OFFICIAL ENTITIES representing Romania and Republic of Moldova:
  • Consulate General of Romania in Chicago
  • Embassy of Romania in United States – Washington, DC
  • Embassy of Romania at the United Nations – New York, NY
  • Embassy of Republic of Moldova in United States – Washington, DC
  • Romanian Government’s Department for Relations with Romanians Abroad – Bucharest, Romania

The founders of Romanian-American Network, having successfully passed the test of time, integrity, and dedication to the community, initiated and launched the idea of creating the Romanian Heritage Center as an independent not-for-profit faith-based community center for all Romanians and Moldovans, in order to facilitate, promote, and nurture unity in our community.

The Romanian-American Network will continue its publishing and mass media projects as a completely separate and independent media organization, and it will also assist as needed in the Romanian Heritage Center’s projects.

The Romanian Heritage Center’s leadership team includes dedicated professionals from all denominations of our community. ALL LEADERS OF OUR COMMITTEES ARE VERY QUALIFIED AND WILLING TO SERVE THE NEXT GENERATIONS OF ROMANIAN-AMERICANS,

those that are born, raised, and educated in the United States, through various interactive programs and attractive activities, subjected to our Purposes

The ROMANIAN HERITAGE CENTER NFP aims to be a useful resource not only to the ethnic Romanian-Americans but also to anyone wishing to find out more about our culture and interact with our community.

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Steven V. Bonica

President & Executive Director

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Vice-President of Cultural Affairs, Treasurer

Marcel Somfelean

Vice-President of Public Relations

Dennis Stoia

Secretary, Director of Strategic Planning & Development

Angus D. Wilson

Director of Youth Community Involvement

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The Romanian Heritage Center champions the preservation and celebration of Romanian culture in the U.S., fostering unity and cultural awareness. Join our mission to keep our traditions alive.


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